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President of the SDB Missionary Society, Danny Lee, and his wife Danita have completed a mission trip primarily to Africa. They spent about a month visiting and ministering to SDBs in Ghana, Rwanda, and Tanzania. En route to Africa, they stopped in Scotland visiting friends and looking at possibilities of starting an SDB church there. On their way back home, they were able to speak and share at the Mill Yard SDB church in London, the oldest SDB Church in the world.

The Lees were blessed with great health and safe travels during the entire trip. Through their ministry, people accepted Jesus Christ and several baptized. Because of the Lees’ service, land was purchased and a church building construction. Another church was reopened, several land deals negotiated, and new church groups started. They visited orphanages, schools, and hospitals, providing assistance and spending time praying with the patients. Danny preached, taught, and spoke at several men’s meetings. While Danita was able to meet with many of the Sisters and establish strong relationships.

Danny and Danita are now requesting prayer for the work of our SDB Brethren in these regions. God may lead you to give towards this work, making it possible for a lot more to be done.

“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”Matthew 24:14

Links for downloadables to share click HERE

~ Andrew O. Samuels, Chief Executive Director

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