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Our Vision

The purpose of the Seventh Day Baptist Missionary Society is to promote the sharing of the Gospel with all peoples. This will be carried out by partnering with individuals, churches, and ministries as they carry the message of salvation through faith in Christ, and teach His disciples to obey all that He commanded.

 But what does that look like?
Our Mission


Because the way a person understands and views the world affects how he or she acts, the SDB Missionary Society will support and facilitate missions education to individuals, groups, and churches in the USA/Canada and in the areas we work around the world.

Study Group
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We seek to be active participants in fulfilling the Great Commission, that God would be glorified among every tribe, tongue, and nation in the world -that all would know the fullness of life. Our goal is for each individual and church to be involved in this task, whether through sending, going, or welcoming. And we are pursuing partnerships that will open the door to the unreached peoples of the world.


We work with SDB groups in more than 45 countries as they grow into what God has planned for them. As they do this work, we partner with them by providing various types of support - from education and leadership training to disaster relief to sustainable projects.


What do Seventh Day Baptists Believe?
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