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Because the way a person understands and views the world affects how he or she acts, the SDB Missionary Society will support and facilitate missions education to individuals, groups, and churches in the USA/Canada and in the areas we work around the world.

Our Mission

USA & Canada Church Education

Our goal is to help churches and individuals understand how they can best partner with God in what He is doing in the world and help them have what they need to do it. 

College Students

Africa Bible College

  The Seventh Day Baptist Africa Bible College was born out of a clearly expressed need for theological and ministry training for pastors and other leaders in many of our conferences.

SDBU 261

A broad overview of missions looking at the biblical basis for missions, missions history, the current state of the world, mission strategy, and culture. The course focus is to actively engage students in missions activity in their current context and broaden thinking around how individuals and churches in North America can become involved with missions to the unreached.

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