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Pastors Gordon Lawton and Garfield Miller, of the SDB Missionary Society; Board Member and Director of Outreach respectively, are in the advanced stage of planning their missions trip to Egypt and Uganda, June 20-July 4, 2021.

Egypt -The team will visit with this small fledging SDB group to provide some training on SDB beliefs and partner in their evangelism week. This is a group of refugees from South Sudan, residing in Cairo, Egypt.

Uganda -The team will also visit with this SDB World Federation Conference to partner in evangelism, continue the discussion on them reaching other nations for Christ, and facilitate a leadership seminar.

Your prayers and other support are appreciated

“I pray that your partnership with us in the faith may be effective in deepening your understanding of every good thing we share for the sake of Christ.” – Philemon 1:6

Links for downloadables to share click HERE

~ Garfield Miller, Director of Outreach

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