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This is an update of the article posted December 7, 2017 – “Rwanda Youth Evangelism Project”

The Rwandan Conference reported that the camp, December 18-24, 2017 provided a place for godly young people to grow in servicing Christ. Fifty-two (52) youths were trained to share the gospel, do devotions, broadening their circle of fellowship, and to pray with others about their needs. They covered topics such as: SDB belief, History of the church, Leadership, Preaching and Evangelism. Ten youths were then selected to go on the missions field in areas where there are high demands for the gospel, while the others continued their ministries with their local congregations. January 4-28, 2018 the selected ten went out share the gospel. They did home visits, encouraged brethren, lead evangelistic gatherings and facilitated World Federation week of prayer. From that ministry, one SDB church was planted and another revived. There were 15 evangelistic gatherings, 72 persons received Christ and were baptized. Another 28 persons who had abandoned their church re-established their memberships. The main areas they visited were: Nyaruguru, Muhanga, Bushara, Kiyovu, Rubengera and Butaro.

  1. Nyaruguru: The first SDB church in Nyaruguru District is now planted. The new church planted is named NYARUGURU SDB. It was a none denomination group of around 40 members (Adults only). After shared the Good News, 7 more were baptized, and 50 were welcomed into SDB family.

  2. Muhanga: The brethren here were encouraged and the search is now on to identify a place for them to establish a permanent SDB congregation in that town.. There are plans to revisit this February.

  3. Bushara: After home visits and gatherings in this region, 28 members who had abandoned the church, have reestablished their membership into the church and 14 news people have received Jesus Christ as their King and Savior. A baptism is planned for the next two months.

  4. Kiyovu: : Principal objective was to encourage 15 brothers and sisters who walk every Sabbath for 4 hour to worship with the brethren in Ngarama SDB. At the end of the visit two brothers received Jesus Christ as their King and Savior. In order to establish a permanent SDB congregation in that community, while waiting for funds to buy their own plot, they have collaborated with Ngarama SDB to rent a location for worship.

  5. Rubengera, Gacaca: Six (6) new brothers accepted Jesus Christ as their King and Savior and 2 baptized at the end of that visit.

  6. Butaro: During this visit, are plans was to encourage brethren through home visit. Some planned gatherings did not happen due to bad weather. However visit encouraged a newly created church and extended the SDB belief in this region. There are now plans for another evangelistic visit to this area July 2018.

The leadership of the Rwanda SDB Conference expresses thanks to the Missionary Society and all who supported this evangelistic project.

Here is a copy of the full report from Rwanda:

Garfield Miller – Missions Coordinator

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