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Thanks to your support, Patty Petersen has been able to continue volunteering with the Conference, working out of Boulder, Colorado. In her spring update, Patty reports that she along with other conference volunteers are making progress, improving the database with information on SDB churches in the US and Canada. In her update, she also informs of two high points for the reporting period as attending a Child Sexual Abuse Prevention training at the community library and participating in the SDB Pastors’ Conference in Milton, Wisconsin. At Pastors’ Conference, she gave a short presentation on her work and the need for pastors/church leaders to help with new contacts. Patty additionally reports that she has been working to help her home church, Boulder SDB, resettle in the Dacono area after relocation in April.

For Patty’s full report go to

Patty craves your continued prayer and advises that donations to her ministry can still be sent to SDB Church of Boulder, 6710 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder CO 80303, or through

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might,”Ecclesiastics 9:10a

Links for downloadables to share click HERE

~ Andrew O. Samuels, Chief Executive Director

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