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Africa Bible College

The Seventh Day Baptist Africa Bible College (ABC) was born out of a clearly expressed need for theological and ministry training for pastors and other leaders in many of our conferences.


   The mostly virtual college, began in July 2021 and encompasses 12 training modules over a two-year period. For each module, there is a six-week home study portion where written assignments are submitted to Instructors by e-mail. After two or three modules, the students are brought together in one location for a face-to-face seminar to reinforce the material they have been working on.

The first seminar was held in Kenya. Drawn from Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia, the eighteen students are eager and enthusiastic, diligently engaging in their studies and building relationships among themselves.

  • Module 1 – Bible Interpretation

  • Module 2 – Spiritual Formation & Leadership Development

  • Module 3 - Biblical Beliefs

  • Module 4 - Old Testament Survey 1

  • Module 5 – Old Testament Survey 2

  • Module 6 - New Testament Survey

  • Module 7 - Evangelism & Church Planting

  • Module 8 - Preaching & Worship

  • Module 9 – Sabbath Theology

  • Module 10 - SDB Distinctives (History & Polity)

  • Module 11 – Church Administration

  • Module 12 – Introduction to World Missions

   In addition to obtaining approval from the leader of their conference, students need to be able to read and write English, and they must have reliable access to the internet, as well as a suitable device which can facilitate that access. There are currently eighteen students from seven countries enrolled in the college.

For the first cycle, teachers will be brought from outside of Africa. During the second cycle, graduates of the College will teach classes with Missionary Society representatives in attendance. The goal is that the 3rd and following cycles will be taught exclusively by ABC graduates.

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