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Not Sure Where to Start?

Watch these videos by Global Frontier Missions:

Children & Teens

WorldViews (by Pioneers)

Give your kids a global perspective with a biblical foundation. Help them learn to share God’s love with people all around the world.

Window on the World

Through Window on the World, young people and adults alike can discover and pray for the peoples of the world.


Xplore is a 7-lesson study to help believers discover the biblical theme of God’s global purpose and how they can participate no matter their location.


Step-In Study (by GFM)

A five-week small group study designed to provide Christ-centered education and missional exposure to believers of all ages.

Discover Missions

A series of brief videos designed for small groups that help you discover how you can be more intentionally involved in missions.

3D Gospel

In today’s globalized world, Christians need to know how the Bible speaks to cultures of guilt, shame, and fear. 



Perspectives is a global movement that is awakening the Body of Christ to pursue the fulfillment of God’s global purpose within every people group for His glory.

Operation Worldview

 This study introduces the Biblical, Historical, Cultural, and Strategic aspects of world missions through eight 1-hour sessions for groups. Instructional videos included.

SDBU 261

A broad overview of missions looking at the biblical basis for missions, missions history, the current state of the world, mission strategy, and culture.

Our Favorites

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