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On behalf of the Women’s Board, we are announcing that the DEADLINE for 2020 SCSC Mission’s Focus application is October 15, 2019. Candidates must be SCSC vets and still eligible for SCSC (i.e. not yet completed senior year of college as of the application date).

SCSC brings together SDB young people who desire to dedicate their summer in service to the Lord, focusing on Leadership, Spiritual Development, Theology, Christian Education and Evangelism. The Missionary Society continues to partner with the Women’s Board/SCSC to offer an international missions focus project for 2020.

For the past six (6) years there have been teams to and from Jamaica for SCSC. You could be among the team heading to Jamaica for ministry next summer.

Consider SCSC 2020 International Missions track to Jamaica.

For the application go to

“Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done.” – Psalm 105:1 (NIV)

~ Garfield Miller, Director of Outreach

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