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The SDB Missionary Society is very pleased with the tangible response from our churches to the appeal for a Missions Sabbath offering this year. Missions Sabbath was February 26, and the deadline for getting offerings in was March 31. Now that those dates have come and gone, we are able to tabulate donations, and express appreciation to the 21 churches and hundreds of individuals who stretched their proverbial hands to give, out of how God has blessed them.

The Missions Sabbath offering has generated a total of $19,974.36. That is wonderful news, and is by far our largest total to date. And there is more good news: Up to $15,000 of those funds will be matched by the SDB Memorial Fund. That will make it a grand total of almost $35,000. We congratulate the church which has given the largest offering, thus winning the coveted trophy. That church will be announced at General Conference 2022. The funds will be equally shared between the new Prayer Tabernacle SDB Church in Port St. Lucie, Fl. and the SDB Africa Bible College, currently operating with 20 students from 7 African countries.

Be reminded as well, that our annual global missions award is still up for the taking. That trophy will go to the church which contributes the most financially to the Missionary Society over the conference year, 2021-2022. Cutoff date for consideration for that award is July 15.

We are so very grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to impact the work of His kingdom in these ways, and to all of you for your generosity in giving to the Lord’s work here and abroad.

“A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great.” Prov. 18:16

Links for downloadables to share click HERE

~ Andy Samuels, Chief Executive Director

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