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The fight against the coronavirus must continue, as the pandemic with its deadly sting, remains like a dark cloud over the world. One way to help some of the worst of those afflicted, is to participate in this year’s virtual Gospel Feet 5K event. Participants may run or walk anywhere in your neighborhood, with anyone, and even on a treadmill, with one week to complete your race. The official event starts off on July 26 at 11am EST, but you have up to one week later (August 2), to complete it. We encourage team participation such as families and churches, ensuring that it is done safely. For registration, go to – Cost, adults $20 & $10 for Kids. All proceeds will go towards the SDB Missionary Society’s COVID19 relief ministry to SDB conferences globally. Also, a preferred way to track your 5K progress is by downloading and using the following app –

In addition to supporting COVID-19 relief fund, this event can also be used to help to attain personal physical goals of getting in shape. Time yourself, take pictures, and have fun!

”… my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me…”Act 20:24

Links for downloadables to share click HERE

~ Andrew O. Samuels, Chief Executive Director

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