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Summary (A Children’s Missions Message)

A lesson to illustrate that obedient servants follow the instruction of their master, and we have all already received specific instructions from Jesus.


Good morning, young people! Today we are going to talk about Kings and Knights. Has anyone ever heard of a knight? Knights were the brave and loyal defenders of the lands that belonged to the king to which they gave their loyalty.


All right, now I am going to pretend that I am a king and a few of you will act as my loyal knights. It is only pretend; I am not really a king. Now I knight you loyal knights of the king. Now, I command my faithful knights to mount your imaginary horses and ride off to the side of the building (where directed). Here I give one or two particular knights instructions, “stay where you are until everyone else has returned,” but to everyone I give the general command, “knights return to your king.” All the good knights have done their duty and did what the King had commanded. They did different things because specific instructions were given that delayed when or how each would obey.

Jesus is King

There is a real King who is alive and all of the lands belong to Him. Does anyone know who that is? That is correct! Jesus is King! If we claim to be His faithful servants, then we should obey what He commands like good knights. Before Jesus ascended to be with the Father, He left specific instructions for those that follow Him. In Matthew 28:19 we find He said, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and Son, and Holy Ghost.” So unless He has given us other specific orders, our mind, heart, and resources should be part of the response to making disciples of all nations — when we decide about our education, when we make our career or ministry plans, or what we do with the money and time we have been given. Especially as a Church body we should be keeping our King and His orders in the forward part of our minds in all the services, functions, and meetings that we organize.

The questions?

So the questions each of us has to ask and answer are:

1) What has Jesus commanded that I do?

2) Do I accept Jesus as my King?

Close in prayer

Ask that God guide us to answer these questions with His will in our lives and give us the courage to take the steps as He guides us to take them.

Materials Needed

Necessary: None

Optional: Sword (Bible and/or Metal or Plastic) to knight and a Crown for presenter to wear.

By Clint Brown – Executive Director For this and other Sabbath Recorder Articles click – HERE

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