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Missions Week is Just One Week Away!

Read more about what is happening and how you can be involved below.

Global Partnership Training

Global Partnerships, previously the Sister Church program, seeks to unite churches around the world for mutual encouragement and support. Churches, associations, or conferences wishing to participate will go through a thorough training before being partnered with another group.​ The Zoom training during Missions Week is extended to all groups in North America who wish to learn more, become more familiar with the program, or stay up to date with program details. Future trainings for our worldwide partners will be scheduled individually. Please reach out to with questions.

Fundraising Challenge

It's a win-win! Each donation that is given through the Missions Week donation form during the month of February will go to support a National Field Worker and church building projects in South Asia.The church that donates the most during this time will be the recipient of the Missions Week Fundraising award to be awarded at Conference 2023. It's that simple!

Questions? Call us at 401-596-4326 or email

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I hope there is more info like what was shared a while back. Orphans in DRC have had their school fees paid for the past 2 years. I would like to hear about orphan ministry in Zambia,Burundi,Kenya,India. Who are the ophans? What do they do on Sabbath? Where are the villages and towns where they live? When will online video of orphans be available for viewing?

Me gusta
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