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Pastors Andy Samuels and JR Shick returned safely from a very fulfilling mission to Ivory Coast, Tanzania, and Malawi. In each place, our Seventh Day Baptist brethren were enthusiastically receptive to the team and were eager to share their current ministries.

In Ivory Coast, our two churches there need their own meeting places, as they continue to do outreach and other ministries.

In Tanzania, the team did leadership and evangelism training in two locations, as well as the conducting of a baptism of eight candidates. This conference cares for several orphans and could do with more ministry support.

In Malawi, the team visited one of their stations which consists of a church, a school, and a health center. They have the largest SDB Conference globally, with 203 churches and groups, totaling about 15,000 people.

All your prayers and other support were gratefully appreciated.

Please continue to pray for SDBs in these African countries.

“And the gospel must first be preached to all nations” – Mark 13:10

Links for downloadables to share click HERE

~ Garfield Miller, Director of Outreach

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